Monte Cristi: - Reference No: mc-102t

Price per Tarea: RD$ 5,000
The seller's price is the red price.
The dark price is only the approx. exchanged price.

Lot: 100,000.00 tarea = 62,880,000.00 m² = 15,537.99 acre
Grosse Landflächen in der Region um Monte Cristi mit sanierten Titeln. Ideal für Plantagen zur Herstellung von alternativem Biotreibstoff. Gute Zufahrt. Teilweise flach. Wassser und Stromversorgung. Hafen in der Nähe. Wird auch in Teilen verkauft. Land in the region of Monte Cristi with clear titles. Perfect for plantation for alternative fuels. Easy access. Partially flat land. Water and electricity. Facility of port. They are selling also in parts. Grande cantidad de terreno en Monte Cristi con títulos saneados. Ideal para plantaciones para biocombustible. Facil acceso. Facilidades de puerto. Servicio de agua y electricidad.

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