Santo Domingo: Investment Projects - Reference No: sd-145c

US$ 2,200,000
RD$ 105,600,000
The seller's price is the red price.
The dark price is only the approx. exchanged price.

Lot: 5,000.00 m² = 7.96 tarea = 1.24 acre
Construction: 2100m²
Ideal lens for a massage parlor, gym, yoga center or small familial guesthouse, only 10 minutes from the city center.
Seven (7) living rooms, a formal dining room, a regular dining area.
Two (2) kitchens with pantries.
Six (6) bedrooms, each with its own bathroom and closet. A family living room. Mini kitchen.
Basement with the following areas: Two (2) bedrooms and bathrooms for house keepers (male and female), gym, laundry area, workshop and office area, parking for vehicles.
Patio, pool, two (2) gazebos and BBQ Area

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