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Penthouse in Sosua
This is the best property in Sosua and a must see project.
Overview from Sosua to Puerto Plata, perfect sunsets every night, private beach access to the nicest beach Sosua has, panoramic pool directly over the ocean with whirl...

Nearly ready: Cable Car to shuttle 96K commuters daily

Santo Domingo.- The capitals nearly finished Cable Car will span 15 kilometers, and aims to shuttle 96,000 commuters daily, or 6,000 passengers per hour.

The cable car will benefit around 287,000 people who live in some of Greater Santo Domingos most sprawling barrios, according to Govt. agency URBE, which calls it a novel transport system that will communicate marginalized sectors on the margins of the Ozama (river) basin.

Dominican Realestate Offers, Investment and Information "How to buy realestate in the DR

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Nice two-level house for sale, in Los Alamos, very close to the HOMS.
Lot: 296.00 m² = 0.47 tarea = 0.07 acre
Construction: 300m²

US$ 225,000 (ca. RD$ 12,825,000)

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Two-Bedroom-Apartment in closed community with living / dining room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, balcony.
The price is negotiable.

US$ 160,000 (ca. RD$ 9,120,000)

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Land of 10,064,000 sqm (16,000 tareas), demarcated. House for employees.
Lot: 16,000.00 tarea = 10,060,800.00 m² = 2,486.08 acre

Price per Tarea: RD$ 18,000

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Big lot of land for sale, partial or total.
Lot: 56,000.00 tarea = 35,212,800.00 m² = 8,701.27 acre

Price per Tarea: RD$ 13,000

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Around 3,729 acre farmland (approximately 15,091,200 sqm or 24,000 tareas), in large parts completely virgin. Partial or total sale.
Lot: 24,000.00 tarea = 15,091,200.00 m² = 3,729.12 acre

Price per Tarea: RD$ 10,000

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Petrol and gas stations for sale in different areas!

Price on request

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Big lot of 121,000 sqm with a large mansion with guest house, lake with BBC.
Lot: 121,000.00 m² = 192.68 tarea = 29.90 acre

Price on request

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3-bedroom-Apartment in closed community with security service.
Construction: 165m²

RD$ 4,500,000 (ca. US$ 78,947)

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It currently has 1,000 tareas planted with rice, they are laser leveled, the irrigation system is by gravity, per year they produce two crops plus the sapling. 400 tasks used for cattle.
House with kiosk available.
The current price is US-$ 1,450,000, includes cattle, rice production is not included in the price.
Lot: 1,400.00 tarea = 880,320.00 m² = 217.53 acre

US$ 1,450,000 (ca. RD$ 82,650,000)

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Organic banana project.
Lot: 340.00 tarea = 213,792.00 m² = 52.83 acre

US$ 675,000 (ca. RD$ 38,475,000)

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