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Penthouse in Sosua
This is the best property in Sosua and a must see project.
Overview from Sosua to Puerto Plata, perfect sunsets every night, private beach access to the nicest beach Sosua has, panoramic pool directly over the ocean with whirl...

Nearly ready: Cable Car to shuttle 96K commuters daily

Santo Domingo.- The capitals nearly finished Cable Car will span 15 kilometers, and aims to shuttle 96,000 commuters daily, or 6,000 passengers per hour.

The cable car will benefit around 287,000 people who live in some of Greater Santo Domingos most sprawling barrios, according to Govt. agency URBE, which calls it a novel transport system that will communicate marginalized sectors on the margins of the Ozama (river) basin.

Little map of the Dominican Republic


The about 180.000 citizens counting community LA VEGA was founded 1495 by Christopher Columbus by building the Fortaleza la Concepcion. Very soon La Vega developed to be one of the most important sugarcane producers in that time. Also La Vega was Americas first city that produced its own metal money which was obtained from the mountains next to it.
Photo: Carneval in La VegaWhen the church's monastery de san Francisco was founded in the year 1512 La Vega was next to Santo Domingo the second city in having its own archbishop.
1562 La Vega was destroyed by an earthquake and was rebuild 1563. The old parts of La Vega are located about 4 kilometers outside from La Vega called Pueblo Viejo.
Every year in february the world known carnival is taking place in here in La Vega.
La Vega is situated en el valley of Cibao, surrounded by wonderful mountains in an very agreeable clima.

Real Estate Offers in La Vega

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These prices may be changed anytime by the construction companies or the property owner!

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A 3-story commercial building for sale in La Vega.
? Each level with 2 bathrooms.
? Parking lots for cars
? Parking lots for motorcycles
? Area: 400 m2

Price according to the estimate of February 14, 2024

RD$ 26,415,000 (ca. US$ 480,272)

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First level: Living room, dining room, two kitchens (one hot and one cold), a room with closet and bathroom. Inside laundry area.
Second level: Master bedroom with closet, bathroom and balcony. Two rooms with a common bathroom. Family room with balcony.
Garage for 4 vehicles and a garage for 4 motor tricycles and bicycles.
Terrace and open patio. Storer house. Watercistern.
Title and demarcation.
Lot: 480.00 m² = 0.76 tarea = 0.12 acre

US$ 448,000 (ca. RD$ 24,640,000)

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We have a modern, luxurious and smart villa for sale in LA VEGA.

The entire lighting system is controlled by the cell phone, it has music, door opening sensors, motion sensors, 12 cameras, sprinklers to water and wet the plants and the grass of the entire green area, it has an intelligent vacuum cleaner, it has 6,000 gallon cistern, water tank, inverter with 4 batteries, water heater, it has all the electric furniture in the 2 kitchens, complete appliances, smart refrigerator, smart washer dryer, dishwasher.

The 2-level house has 4 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom plus a walking closet (in total it has 7 full bathrooms).


First level has 1 guest room, TV room, entertainment area, a wine cellar area, 1 coffee bar area, 2 kitchens, pantry, 1 full bathroom for visitors. Large patio (with option to pool). Service room with bathroom, laundry area. Triple canopy.

Second level has a hall, 3 bedrooms (each with its own bathroom and walking closet), 1 study room with bathroom, 1 family room area (quite spacious), Linen Closet, 1 coffee bar area, 2 balcony.

Lot: 500.00 m² = 0.80 tarea = 0.12 acre
Construction: 680m²

US$ 699,000 (ca. RD$ 38,445,000)

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Picture 1


La Vega - Excellent apartments and penthouses for sale, located between Pedro A. Rivera Avenue and Duarte Highway.
This complex consists of 8 level towers each with two elevators. Each apartment has living room, dining room, modular kitchen with breakfast area, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, balcony, laundry area, main staircase and service staircase.

In the project you will find a Pool area, Children Area, Club House, Sports Court, Gym, Multipurpose Rooms, Gazebos, Minimarket, Pharmacy.

1.-6. Level - US$ 79,000
7. Level - US$ 89,000
Penthouse - US$ 115,000

At this moment we are in Pre-sales which entails a limited time offer of being able to reserve an apartment with only US$ 500, completing 10% of the value in 60 days (2 installments every 30 days), and the other 10% (which completes the 20% down payment) in 22 interest-free installments. At the end of the 22 months you will be able to opt for an 80% financing in 5, 10, 15 or 20 years in the financial institution of your choice.

US$ 79,000 (ca. RD$ 4,345,000)

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Picture 1


Residential building in the Zona Universitaria with parking space for two cars, gallery, living room, dining room, kitchen.
Three bedrooms, two bathrooms (master bedroom ensuite).
Laundry area, cistern.
Deslindado (digital measurement)
Lot: 305.00 tarea = 191,784.00 m² = 47.39 acre
Construction: 210m²

RD$ 7,400,000 (ca. US$ 134,545)

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Picture 1


Apartment on the 4th level with elevator in a new building. Recreation area on the roof with BBQ area and Gym.

The apartment has a living room, balcony, dining room, kitchen, guest bathroom, master bedroom with integrated bathroom and dressing room, 2 bedrooms with a shared bathroom.

Service room with bathroom, laundry area, emergency staircase, 2 parking spaces.
Construction: 175m²

US$ 185,000 (ca. RD$ 10,175,000)

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