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Penthouse in Sosua
This is the best property in Sosua and a must see project.
Overview from Sosua to Puerto Plata, perfect sunsets every night, private beach access to the nicest beach Sosua has, panoramic pool directly over the ocean with whirl...

Nearly ready: Cable Car to shuttle 96K commuters daily

Santo Domingo.- The capitals nearly finished Cable Car will span 15 kilometers, and aims to shuttle 96,000 commuters daily, or 6,000 passengers per hour.

The cable car will benefit around 287,000 people who live in some of Greater Santo Domingos most sprawling barrios, according to Govt. agency URBE, which calls it a novel transport system that will communicate marginalized sectors on the margins of the Ozama (river) basin.



Our goal is to build a professional relationship with our clients that is based on trust, confidentiality and reliability.

After years of on-site experience at the Dominican Republics markets, we have obtained the Key knowledge for investment strategies, new trends and new hotspots developing within the Dominican Republic and we decided to create a professional investment consulting department within our company that efficiently dedicates to assist companies and private investors to realize their upscale investments in the Dominican Republic.

We offer a wide selection of large to mid size, and boutique hotels, development lots and properties in areas suitable for long-term land speculation.

Our job consists of providing you with all the necessary information and contacts.

We will guide you thru the whole process to start and efficiently maintain your investments in the Dominican Republic.

Our bilingual team of experienced professionals consisting of lawyers, tax consultants, builders and architects will put there knowledge at your services to make your investment a success.

We will provide you with detailed investment information concerning properties in the Dominican Republic at no cost or obligation with the hope that if our recommendations meet your goals and comfort levels, you will allow us to act as your broker.

For any information please contact us anytime via email or phone.

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