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Penthouse in Sosua
This is the best property in Sosua and a must see project.
Overview from Sosua to Puerto Plata, perfect sunsets every night, private beach access to the nicest beach Sosua has, panoramic pool directly over the ocean with whirl...

Nearly ready: Cable Car to shuttle 96K commuters daily

Santo Domingo.- The capitals nearly finished Cable Car will span 15 kilometers, and aims to shuttle 96,000 commuters daily, or 6,000 passengers per hour.

The cable car will benefit around 287,000 people who live in some of Greater Santo Domingos most sprawling barrios, according to Govt. agency URBE, which calls it a novel transport system that will communicate marginalized sectors on the margins of the Ozama (river) basin.


"More then 1290km of pure white sanded Caribbean beaches are waiting to be discovered!"

These were the words of Christopher Columbus when he first discovered the Dominican Republic in 1542.

In the center of the Caribbean Sea 1200 kilometers southeast from Miami, the island La Hispaniola is split in two countries, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic is famous for its balanced climate, in the summer not too hot and in the winter still warm enough to take a nice bath in the ocean. For anyone who likes nice weather and friendly people all year long, this is the right place to be in the Caribbean.

Residents and tourists, European and Americans, at one point they all agree, the Dominican Republic is an interesting and fascinating piece of the Caribbean islands. Most of all it is the beautiful landscapes and the way of life of the Dominicans that create the Caribbean flair and the force of attraction of this Island.

Wherever you look you'll see tropical forrests, wonderful orchids, picture like town, white fine sanded beaches and the turquoise glassy ocean. Wherever you go, you will feel the spanish flair and latino charm, rhythmical merengue music and wonderful panoramas with tropical vegetation. You will be received with hospitality and that special mixture of amiable tradition and modern life that we all love so much.

As paradise as it may sound, it is worth to just take a closer look at the Dominican Republic, if you are planning to invest in Caribbean Real Estate. No matter if you are planning to invest in a vacation home, a permanent home or to develop a project, we probably have the right property for your needs. You can select between villas/apartments in luxury residentials like Casa de Campo, Roco Ki, Cap Cana or Sea Horse Ranch, houses or apartments in closed communities or individual. Also for your investment in big projects for tourism or bioenergy, solarenergy or windenergy we will find the right place for you.
If you wish to rent your property while away, you can expect a stable income, as the Tourism in the Dominican Republic is booming and it keeps growing. The Dominican Republics political status is stable, as it has been for the last 35 years. Because of its 10 International Airports and Harbors the Dominican Republic is connected to the whole world. The cost of life as well as real estate properties are much lower than in North America or Europe and special laws support realestate investors.

We will help you to make that dream of having a home or investment in the Caribbean come true. We will take you to our best and most suitable properties for your special needs and we will guide and assist you to make a successful start in the Dominican Republic, and even after the process we will always be available for any of your needs.

"Who comes to this island the first time will be just as enchanted, as the ones that have already found there place to be in the Dominican Republic"

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