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Duarte Highway - Parada
For sale: Service station (Parada) next to the highway, well prepared. Restaurant, kitchen, shops, recreation area ...

Dominican Republic: Best Golf Island of the Year

The Dominican Republic was recognized as the "Best Golf Island of the Year" and honored with the "Caribbean World Travel & Living Awards 2012" issued by Caribbean World Magazine.

Also recognized was the world-famous Casa de Campo resort, situated in the city of La Romana, on the country’s eastern region.

Casa de Campo was recognized for being the "Best Luxury Development of the Year."...

How to purchase Real Estate in the DR

Here in the Dominican Republic the property size is mostly indicated in the country region in "tareas" and in the cities in "square meters". The designation hectare is used relatively rarely.

So at first we want to present some units, which are not so quite common in all parts of the world:

una (1) tarea = 629 m²
16 tarea = ca. 1 ha
un (1) hectarea = 1 ha = 10.000 m²
un (1) area = 100 m²
un (1) centiarea = 1 m²
una (1) tarea = 0.16 acres
un (1) acre = 6.5 tareas

Incidently here in the Dominican Republik they are using antique of spain and american metric units of measure. They are buying their benzin in "galón americano" (1 gallon = 128 Ounce = 3,785 liter). They are weighing in american libra (1 libra = 16 ounce = 450 gram). 25 libra = 1 arroba (noun), 4 arroba = 1 quintal (hundredweight), and 20 quintales = 1 tonelada (ton). Textile they are measuring in yarda (yard), 1 yard = 0,9144 meter.

If you should have fallen in love with a property, a little farm (here it is named "finca") or a little house, please nevertheless absolutely consider a few things: please allways have a look to the the so-called "Titulo" (that is the official entry in the land registry and thus the possession document), beg for a photocopy (front and rear side - and please test, that the photocopy and original are equal). Say calmly that you would like to let the title check gladly over a lawyer, the right are entitled to everyone, which would like to buy a property. Only the owner entered on this title may resell a property. Additionally a land register debt - if available - is entered on the rear side of the title, what is also extremely important to know. After the purchase change the title by your name as soon as possible, even if this are additional cash costs. This will save much security and you don´t would have problems to sell your own property.

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