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Duarte Highway - Parada
For sale: Service station (Parada) next to the highway, well prepared. Restaurant, kitchen, shops, recreation area ...

Dominican Republic: Best Golf Island of the Year

The Dominican Republic was recognized as the "Best Golf Island of the Year" and honored with the "Caribbean World Travel & Living Awards 2012" issued by Caribbean World Magazine.

Also recognized was the world-famous Casa de Campo resort, situated in the city of La Romana, on the country’s eastern region.

Casa de Campo was recognized for being the "Best Luxury Development of the Year."...

Title insurance should help to eliminate the fear of buying real estate in a foreign country, because it eliminates the risk of title fraud

Title insurance is like a guarantee for a successful transaction.

For European very uncommon but for American and Canadian buyers it is actually a must to do to work with title insurance on any real estate transaction.

For a one time fee the title insurance will cover all the obligations of making sure your titles are clear, and that at the end you are really going to own the property you want to buy. In the event of a lawsuit disputing the title, the title insurance company will defend the buyer in court and if the lawsuit is lost will pay or cure all valid claims or losses up to the amount of the policy.

Among the risks covered are: title vested on another person; title defect, lien, charge, privilege, mortgage or encumbrance; forgery, fraud, undue influence, duress, incompetency, incapacity or impersonation in the conveyance; lack of right of access to and from the property; easement or right of way on the title; invalidity of any document upon which the title is based because it was not properly executed, sealed, acknowledged, notarized, delivered or recorded; invalidity of any document upon which the title is based because it was executed under a falsified, expired or otherwise invalid power of attorney; erroneous or inadequate legal description of the land.

Title insurance may be obtained during or after the purchase of real estate, but we recommend to get it before doing a purchase to prevent any possible long lasting lawsuits after your purchase.

In the Dominican Republic, as in many Latin American and European countries, the government provides title insurance. Unfortunately, the indemnity fund never collected sufficient funds to become operative and property owners remain unprotected.

We are working with the two leaders in title insurance in the Dominican Republic.

Stewart Title Guaranty Company

Fidelity National Financial Title Group

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